I found out today that I won first place in the “Dream Bio” January contest by WriteOn Online-the contest-to write your dream bio. I love stuff like this, so I imagined my life in a few years and this is what I wrote.

*today I was really sad about losing my dog-so this brought a smile to my face for a bit*


Stephanie Olivieri is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the eight book series, Ryuan. The first book in the series, Discovery has been made into a major motion picture and she has signed a deal with Paramount for books two and three. The Ryuan series has received worldwide acclaim and massive press attention. The first three Ryuan books occupied the top three spots on numerous adult bestseller lists as well as dominating the young adult market. The fourth book in the series, Ryuan Escape, was published simultaneously in the USA, Great Britian, Canada and Australia with a record first print run of 4.2 million in the US alone.  It quickly broke all records for the greatest number of books sold on the first weekend of publication since Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire in 2008.


Stephanie is also the creator and executive producer of the hit ABC show Ellie From Chicago. Ellie has received three Emmy nominations and Stephanie took home two Golden Globes for writing and best television show comedy or musical. She also has worked on Happy Endings, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy as a freelance writer. Her original show The First Year has been picked up by Showtime and Jennifer Aniston has signed on in the leading role. The show is expected to air later this year.


In addition to awards in television writing Stephanie has received numerous awards for her first screenplay, The Airport Bar. She was nominated and won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and The Writer’s Guild of America Award for excellence in writing. The Airport Bar also won Best Film Comedy or Musical that same year at the Golden Globes and Best Picture at the Oscars.


Stephanie is involved with many charities including; the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, World Wildlife Foundation, Lungevity and AIDS Project Los Angeles. She is a sponsor for AIDS Walk Los Angeles and AIDS Walk New York. She hopes to continue to help spread awareness about HIV/AIDS by donating her showrunner salary from The First Year to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, APLA and amFar.

Stephanie currently lives in New York with her husband, actor, Gabriel Mann. The couple also has a home in Los Angeles.