Okay, look not everyone likes certain shows, films, books, writers, actors, etc. and that is fine, but do NOT go onto my page-or anyone else’s-especially if you don’t know them really well-and start slamming.

I think opinions are fine. Example: I don’t like the show The New Girl because; I don’t think it’s funny, the characters don’t appeal to me and …… you get the point. There is no reason to SLAM anyone.

A couple days okay some wanker offered me a job to write a screenplay for him for $300-THREE HUNDRED dollars-I posted about it on Facebook-and suddenly some people though that was the place to start slamming certain films saying that the writers should have got less than $300 for that film, or that actor’s films. Well two of the writers of a film someone mentioned are friends on mine on Facebook-there is no reason to do that-ever. Come on people grow up.

Then recently-today-I posted about how Ghost Protocol has been Tom Cruise’s highest grossing film to date. I posted the article and then people went into how it’s only because of inflation and all his films suck and then a rant on Scientology-NOT THE PLACE for it and I have friends on my page who work for his company and worked on Ghost Protocol so this was not cool. I had to delete the post-UGH

I don’t understand why people think this kind of behavior is okay. Do it on your own page, but don’t go onto someone else’s page and start slamming people.

I have no problem if you don’t like Tom Cruise’s films, or Scientology-but I have a problem with you voicing it on my Facebook page in that way. The person could have said something like this. “Really? I have never been a fan of his or his films.” That would have been enough.

I am sick and tired of being a hall monitor on my page-and so now I just post quotes from TV shows and movies and still that crap happens. I just don’t understand why Facebook is bringing out these traits in folks. As well, you have no idea who the friends of your friends are so why slam someone personally?

So if you are on a FB friends list-don’t slam anyone on there ever.