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Hey everyone! Since fellowship season is upon us, I wanted to reach out to you. I do consulting on this side.
I would LOVE to help you get your pilot and or spec ready for submission. The biggest mistakes I see when reading others scripts are structure and character-these are usually easy fixes-but if no one tells you than it doesn’t matter. I know it’s hard to tell your friend who wrote a funny script and the writing was good that they totally missed the character. It’s hard to get the truth from our friends, so it’s always better to get an outsider to read your work-it’s expensive usually-but not with me!!
So please check out my website and contact me if you would like me to read your spec and give you notes. We can discuss on a rate based on how much you want and or need. (Totally affordable and flexible)
I watch and obscene amount of television so I know the characters well-this is a huge problem (that I have made myself.) If you are writing a show I don’t watch-then I will give you suggestions of who I think would be better to look over your work.
The show I am currently on is going on a hiatus for a bit-so I will have time 🙂
Thanks so much and please contact me at stepholivieri@hotmail.com