So the job I have been on is coming to an end this month. We will pick up in a couple months, summer or later. I really hope it’s sooner than later. I love being a writer and getting paid to do so. The project is awesome, and I really hope the break isn’t too long for many reasons.

Once of them of course is financial. I now am searching for a new job to cover me, or in the case they don’t get the financing they need for this project-and we don’t start back up. To say it isn’t hasn’t been stressful would be an outright lie.

I really want to continue to work as a writer and nor fall back on anything.

That all said I have a novel ready for submission and my screenplay is almost there and my pilot is ready so hopefully I can make some real progress.

Meanwhile I have a pilot episodes and  6 webisodes to finish by the end of Jan for the job…. so I better get to it.

Happy Writing.