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“Even God Couldn’t Sink This Ship.” ~ Cal Hockley, Titanic 1997

And they are saying this new one is “unsinkable”. Didn’t they learn the last time that it isn’t a good thing to say? LOL Also is the course to north for the season? And aren’t there more icebergs floating south than 100 years ago? This is an article that came out yesterday. I guess they are even brining in icebergs? Really? I would think that any normal person would not want to temp fate and or relive what actually happened that night?

Here is the article



January 2 2012

Dublin, Ireland – While there have certainly been worse disasters than the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic, there have been none that have reached the kind of cultural zeitgeist of that ship. The Titanic is for many one of the great tragedies of history, a shining example of incredible hubris, and a compelling story of love and loss.titanic doomed

Part of the reason for that has been a result of the numerous books and movies made about the disaster, including one of the biggest box-office films ever, ensuring that the story of the Titanic will forever remain in people’s memories.

In a few months the world will mark the 100th anniversary of that disaster and a lucky few will be able to actually recreate the voyage itself, though hopefully without all the sinking and death that made the original event so compelling. Nonetheless, it is expected that the majority of people who have signed up for the voyage likely have suicidal tendencies and are hoping for a disaster that is officially not a part of the celebratory tour.titanic movie

“We’ve heard stories from guests who are having dresses created by top designers especially for the event and requests from musicians who want to audition to be part of the famous string quartet (which played on as it sank,” said Miles Morgan of Titanic Memorial Cruises. “This will be as close to experiencing the actual events of the Titanic voyage without travelling back in time and drowning n frigid waters.”

The trip will follow the exact route of the original vessel, regardless of whether or not there is a giant iceberg in its path.

The ship has been designed with modern technology which the backers believe will make it invulnerable to an iceberg strike.

“I can tell you from working on the ship that it just isn’t ready. There are all kinds of safety issues that the money people are just ignoring. This vessel is not capable of surviving an iceberg hit and there aren’t nearly enough survival boats for all the people who will be onboard. It’s a disaster waiting to happen,” said an insider who iceberg
worked on the project. “It’s incredibly arrogant to think that they will be more successful than the last trip. People will die by the thousands, this is a tragedy just waiting to happen.”

Titanic’s sister vessel the Britannic also sunk a few years later.

“Anyone who gets on this ship is tempting death. Some people will get out safe but the majority of the people will die, just like they did on the original ship. It’s will be a bloodbath, they need to end this madness now,” continued the insider. “I cannot be responsible for so many deaths. If they go through with this the blood is on their hands. I am clean.”

It’s believed screaming and death is exactly what the majority of voyagers are hoping for. The company has contracted a company to tow multiple icebergs into the vicinity for a more authentic experience.

William Ashford, Business Correspondent


For me personally, if I have to re-experience anything for the 100th anniversary I will go see Titanic in the theater! I loved the film and I am huge Titanic -well I wouldn’t say fan is the right word because how can anyone be a fan of people dying in that way-but I have always been intrigued by the sinking and have many books on the subject and have seen all the films made about it. I had some issues with Cameron’s version because he left out a few very important things that would have been easy to put in, but then again this was a fictional story based on a real event, so at the end of the day, I put all that aside and just loved the film. I think Walter Lord’s book-which was made into a film-A Night To Remember is a more accurate depiction of what happened as far as the first time S.O.S. was used, and the Californian ignoring the calls for help and the Strausses, but James Cameron’s film is a lot of fun, tears and adventure.

I will be safe and warm (probably around 90 degrees in Los Angeles) this April watching Titanic from inside a theater, not somewhere on the north Atlantic on an “unsinkable” ship where they are bringing in icebergs.

Titanic opens nationwide this April to mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking.

My uncle is going to be on it, so I really hope nothing happens and probably nothing will, but still I don’t think they should go around saying it’s unsinkable.