UGH… why are some people on FB so annoying?

I’m a writer and most of you who read my post know this about me, you know that I have also been trying to break into television writing since 2005-with my age working against me, so I have also been working on novels (My first love-I have two published under Micheline McAllister) and a screenplay.

Finally this summer after pretty much giving up on TV writing for now-or putting it aside, I was offered a job to pen a new series with a friend of mine. It’s a dream come true, but there is heavy NDA so I can’t announce what it is, all I can say is that I am writing.

This fall I also received massive notes/suggestions from a studio that had my screenplay last year-they were kind enough to read it and give me notes-that is a huge compliment-so I am re visiting that script and making changes.

As well I am finishing a novel I started last year-well I just finished it.

And working on my own pilot

I am not posturing or anything. This is what I am working on so I will continue to have work. I have met so many new writers that work on one thing only and then either don’t get work or when the job ends they have nothing else to showcase themselves.

Now this brings me to the title of my post-I occasionally  post on FB that I am home writing, or adding a new character or simply that I love being a writer. I have been so happy since the end of October to have a job as a writer that I can’t even begin to explain it, and after 6 years I think I deserve this chance, that I busted my hump to get.

I also can hardly believe it, I am a TV writer, no matter what happens with the show, I was paid to write and develop a TV show-that is a big deal in my world, so I posted from time to time about being excited about writing.

This jerk deleted me the other day and sent me a nasty message saying that he was so sick of all my posts about writing and he wanted to just say, “where is all this work?” (I am putting it a lot nicer than he did)

So I offered to let him read anything he wanted. He challenged me and basically said that I wasn’t writing anything, I offered and then he accused me of posturing and said, “I don’t want a list-YAWN” show me what you have done. Um? Hello isn’t offering to show someone work doing just that?

In any case, I was not posturing on my FB page or to him. I do try to be positive and write things about hoping to get an Oscar, or that I am so excited to be a writer cuz I love my job and maybe that is irritating to some. I believe that people who don’t write also have no idea how hard it is to sell one’s screenplay or novel or pilot, or even get people in the business to read your work. Just because I am not on the best seller list (on a book I finished 2 weeks ago-come on be realistic) and my screenplay is in rewrites, it doesn’t mean I am not writing them.

I really think that some people get on FB just to be miserable and bring others down. Yesterday this person was still going on and on about how annoying he thinks I am-and he admitted that his life isn’t good now so maybe he is just being a dick..ya think?

In any case, I would never posture-I’m a writer and so I write. Right now I am lucky enough to be getting paid for writing-but even on the times that is not the case, writers write-that’s what we do, there is no posturing about it.

As well, why would I posture about always being broke, not even owning a bed at my age, and always being scared? Yeah I’m trying to impress everyone with my super exotic life as a struggling writer-get real.