Now that many more people are reading my blog I am a little nervous about saying anything negative about anyone in the TV writing world, but as a half Irish woman, I can’t stand it any longer. You already know what I am going to say don’t you? You must, you have a brain, you have to know. Rory Flanagan!!! Oh. My. God!! The character is stereotypical insult!

(Damien McGinty won the Glee Project and a 7 episode role on Glee)

It was funny in the first time we saw him because he was trying to sleep with Britney, but now it’s just ridiculous.

NO self respecting Irishman would have the fecking Irish flag in their locker, or tons of photos of their family AND the worst offender, a fecking Shamrock? Are you kidding me?

It’s so insulting every single week that I just don’t understand it. This kid, Damien McGinty is from DERRY for Christ’s sake! There are so many great story possibilities and you don’t have to be all IRA serious, but anything would do. Seriously, the story almost writes itself. Foreign exchange? With Northern Ireland? Really? But I could accept that if all the other Irish cliches weren’t all over the place.

Last night was the last straw. Sam asked Rory to teach him how to speak like Sean Connery!!! Oh. My. God….. I have no problem with Sam doing that, but why in God’s green earth did Rory not say something?

Does this staff writer Matthew not have Google?

I love Glee and I love Damien, but come on, give the guy something to work with and please don’t ever have him eating Lucky Charms, or signing Irish folk tunes.