Do you know Jen? If not, you need to. She is amazing. I met Jen via FB a couple years back when I was submitting to every fellowship and writing a spec every 10 weeks or so, and original stuff. Though at the time I couldn’t afford to take her workshop and or didn’t make it into WOTV, Jen has been a constant source of inspiration and teaching for me.

I was at an event at the Paley center and Jen sat in front of me and to my surprise she turned around and said hello-she knew who I was, just from all our communication on FB. I love that about Jen she really takes the time to get to know people.

Since then I have taken two of her weekend workshops that literally changed the way I write.

I am now working on a new show in development and as writer, so I don’t have the time to take her 10 week workshop coming up this spring. *see below

Today I was reading her monthly newsletter and she announced this brilliant new idea.


In January 2012, I will be starting a new Premium Story Subscription. This subscription was designed to get you into a daily writing practice. It is $22.95 a month.

  • Monthly, One 15-minute story pitch -or- review of a 1-2 page pitch document.
  • Monthly, Up to 5 story questions.
  • Weekly writing tips (via Constant Contact email). These will reflect tips from meetings, watching TV & Film.
  • Monthly, review 2-3 log lines. These could be log lines for your script, log lines for your characters or log lines for your life.
  • Weekly writing exercises to keep you in a daily practice.
  • Monthly top podcast tips on writing (via Constant Contact)
  • 10% off all products
  • 10% off all Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc. privately produced events
  • “A Day In The Life Of A Consultant” password-protected area within blog, updated with 3-5 entries per week. These entries will reflect story and business tips.
  • Access to a forum with other members, including a section where members and clients can post “Situations Needed”. This is for producers looking for content and for writers looking for gigs.

She is amazing! She is constantly helping new writers. She will be at the TV writers’ summit and she has workshops, books and tips every day on FB to help us all grow. Jen is the most giving person I know in Hollywood of her time.

Here is her website

You need to stop what you are doing immediately and go to it.

STORYWISE SEMINARS-she has a few at different levels. I would love to take level 2 or 3 soon, but like I said I am on a show-we have strict NDA, so I can’t get her help on this one, but will for sure in the future. She knows her stuff!


Monday, March 5th, 2012


This 10-week teleseminar begins on Monday,
March 5, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. PST and goes through
Monday May 14, 2012. There is a one week break
in between the two sessions.

The below applies to the full 10-week teleseminar.

SERVICE FEE – $400.00
At this level, you will receive 10 weeks of story
instruction about writing a TV spec and pilot script.
You will get to pitch your TV spec and pilot script.
You will receive feedback on your pitches. This
level does not include direct feedback on your