Hey everyone! Thanks for reading.

Here is what I am doing these days.

I have three strong original pilots that are ready to go, but due to my age, and many factors, I am going to put the TV writing thing on the side for now.

I started pursuing it in 2007 and then stopped working on my novels and I miss novel writing so much. I did write one last year during NaNo, but then never had time to edit or try to sell it properly, so I have been thinking that the person holding me back is me! I am too scattered.

I still have my film out there and am definitely going to still write screenplays, but am going to concentrate on my novels for right now-unless of course ABC finally offers me a job, or Ryan Murphy-or anyone! Usually when I give up something or switch gears that is when the jobs come pouring in.

In any case, I am finding myself in the same place every fall-waiting for ABC to decide whether or not to put me in their fellowship and working on a novel while strugging in animation-so the only person who can change that is me.

I hope you are all doing well!! Congrats to my fellow TV writers who have recently landed jobs, or episodes, or pilots!

I love TV and this decision is mostly just because I don’t have time to do everything-well okay, it isn’t so much time as money! LOL

Cheers and thanks for following! xoxo