I wasn’t sure what to expect last night when I tuned into the season premiere of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised.


The storyline being pushed ahead a year was a great way to start off, unlike Grey’s Anatomy that started just a month after the tragedy – it was also very well done and very Grey’s. In Brothers & Sisters they fast forwarded to a year from the accident. I was impressed with Holly’s character and thought the subtle way they handled her memory loss was powerful and brilliant. I also enjoyed how Justin finally has some balls and isn’t just the cry baby that we have seen the past few years. He stepped up and got the family to finally talk about what happened.

I also loved the way they handled Kevin’s emotional turmoil. Kevin usually has it together, or it seems like he does. A bit of a control freak normally, I was happily surprised to see him crumbling the fastest and hardest; well visibly.

I have never really been in love with the Kitty character, and I hope they keep it real with this loss. I thought last night was a good start. She would reject the idea of losing Robert and instead try to save him for months and so I was happy with the way it played out.

Nora is still Nora and I love her. She was running around trying to fix everyone and hold it together. Well done.

From someone, me, who has experienced a lot of lost  in the past 10 years; from tragedy to illness and the shock of it, loss is really hard. I find it is a lot harder than anything we have to deal with in life. I know what it is to run away and pretend something didn’t happen, or sort of push it aside and go one like things are normal when in fact they will never be normal again. So when I turned on my television last night I wasn’t sure what to expect and am happy to say they delivered in a very real way!

Brothers & Sisters is a great show that has so much potential this season. I hope you all tune in~