Hello everyone struggling, and not, in the wonderful world of television and film writing. How are you?

Didn’t I say about a month ago that I was going to finish one started project every week this month?

UGH! I have been way too busy and a bit too stressed-which goes against my belief system that one should not be stressed- and haven’t accomplished anything.

I envy people who don’t have to work and in fact a friend of mine said, “me and so in so were just saying how happy we are that we don’t have to work so we can write.” OMG! I wish that was the case, but I do have to work to keep a roof over head, so I can write. Another friend told me that working 40 hours a week + 10 for the commute didn’t leave him much time and I was like “only 50 hours?” That would be like a dream to me! I am working around the clock when I am working to try to save money, then when not working, I am spending a lot of my time looking for work.. it is an endless cycle sometimes and I just have to remember that it is what it is. I do write something every day, keep those writing muscles going. Last month I was working on an idea for my new book-I am sending it out this week-well part of it. What the publisher requested.

It is called, Why Is There A Spider On My Head? ~ How to keep your day job and never make it in the industry.

I think that all my years in the entertainment business-so affectionately called “the industry” by industry folks and pretty much everyone in or around Los Angeles-will help people learn what took me years to learn. I am of course using sarcasm, wit, jokes and funny stories to get the points across, and I am sure you will love it!

I have mostly otherwise been working on my newest multi-camera sitcom, Ellie From Chicago. I have three episodes pretty much done and hopefully will send them out soon. If anyone wants to read, I welcome feedback? Lemme know!

I hope you are all fabulous and productive!!