Okay, so I lifted this from someone else’s blog-Rachelle Gardner-but I felt it was needed, once again. You know it is funny that I have 2 other main blogs that I write on and it is only this one that I have to keep reminding people to be civil…not sure what that says about the industry, but here goes!

“Practice zero tolerance for negative comments.”

I’ve always tried to make this a friendly, welcoming place for everyone. I’ve intentionally allowed, even encouraged, differing viewpoints. We don’t all see things the same way, and I’m very interested in other perspectives. In the vast majority of cases, my readers are a smart, kind and funny bunch, and your comments make this blog great!

Yet once in awhile the tone in which an opinion is expressed can be harsh, overly critical or even intended to wound. I always had trouble figuring out what to do with these comments, because I didn’t want to seem “intolerant” or unable to take criticism.

But this is my blog, right? So I’ve decided to set some ground rules for comments. And here they are:

  • Differing opinions are welcome and valued.
  • I expect all comments to be respectful of me (as your host) and of the other commenters. If you disagree with another commenter, please do it without being rude or your comment will be deleted.
  • I don’t mind criticism of me or writers in general, but please do so respectfully and in a constructive manner, or I will delete it.
  • Obviously I don’t say anything anonymously; if you have something important to say, perhaps you shouldn’t either. (But it’s your choice.)
  • I delete comments that over use profanity, especially if it is directed at someone.

So there it is… pretty simple.

Readers… what do think? Fair? Are there any other “rules” I should consider adding?