Okay, so I admit when I saw that Drew Barrymore-who I absolutely love-was in a new Romantic Comedy with the Mac guy-a.k.a Justin Long-I was already sold, but then while out walking my dog one night, I stumbled upon a poster with the two of them, the Brooklyn Bridge (MY FAV BRIDGE) & the Golden Gate Bride (HELLO? Love it) I was convinced.

I knew this was a film for me.


the best part? It didn’t suck! It was actually quite enjoyable. Adorable is the first word that comes to mind. Drew didn’t play her normal ‘RomCom’ self that we have seen so many times-but always love-The Wedding Singer, Music & Lyrics, Lucky You, Never Been Kissed, etc..she was more edgy, and just, well, adorable.

Justin was your basic guy-the usual guy-not a dick-not ready to commit-the standard for the RomCom formula. That said, it worked.

The long distance relationship seemed very real. The way they hooked up and fell in love felt very real as well. The writing was good, the acting was good. There were memorable supporting characters, as well as several laugh out loud funny moments.

If you like romantic comedies, you will like this one. Yes it isn’t anything new, but it is really sweet, funny, adorable, romanic (ugh I hate that word), and enjoyable.

Going the Distance opens tomorrow Sept 3rd.