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So I was thinking this morning that if I was really sick and ended up in the hospital I would definitely want both Nurse Jackie and Dr. House taking care of me!

Let’s break it down-yes they are both addicted to meds! Pain meds-opiates, narcotics, the ‘good’ stuff, and have both lied, cheated and stolen to get it. Yet, they seem to be the only ones with a brain in their respective hospitals-All Saint’s in New York and Princeton-Plainsboro in New Jersey.

Why is that? Aren’t drugs supposed to hinder our ability to cope, think, function?

In real life, if you saw a nurse snorting blue pills in the ladies that would be that, and you would probably run out of there spleen in hand and all! Or if your Dr. came into the exam room sat down and swallowed a handful of Vicodin, you probably would leave, or would you?

The great thing about these two characters played by Hugh Laurie and Edie Falco – congrats by the way Edie – is that they are so well crafted that we the audience look past their flaws-being drug addicts.

Both these shows have a brilliant supporting cast to help us really understand and love the more than flawed leads.

I don’t think that Hollywood has glorified drug use at all – I have read some complaints about both shows – and even shown serious problems for both of our heros here – but they have made them lovable.

We tune in every week to see House abuse his staff, his friends and his patients. Why? Because we love the mystery, we want to solve it with him, after all, he is Sherlock Holmes and we are all Watson. In the spring we anxiously await Jackie’s kind and sweet demeanor towards patients, her kids and her staff – except for Coop – who let’s face it, is an idiot. We CARE about both House and Jackie and that is why we return.

This is some brilliant writing in both shows and if you don’t watch either I suggest you do. You won’t be disappointed in anything but your real, sober, health care providers.