People always are asking me, “what are you writing?” then five minutes into it, they are sorry they asked, because unlike a lot of aspiring writers, sorry but it is true, I write ALL the time. I don’t get writer’s block. I don’t procrastinate. I don’t have ideas in my head only-but there are a few there that haven’t quite made it to paper-I am only one person.

This Thursday I was at the Sublime Primetime event at the WGA with some of the Emmy nominated writers. Steven Levitan from Modern Family was there and his advice to new writers-to write.

I have always been the type to “do” and not “try” – I learned that from Yoda-okay someday I will write the blog about how everything in my life relates to some film or tv show-yes it is true.

You want to know what I am writing?

I am doing a lot, so here goes, let me sum it up.

I am currently working on:

Three spec pilots-why three? Isn’t that too many? Are you not focused? – are all probably questions in your mind, but no, not for me. They are three very different shows, and I am working on all of them when I get inspired for each of them. That said, one of them, ‘Ellie From Chicago” my multi-cam buddy camera-which is friggen’ hilarious by the way-is leading the pack right now-mostly because my voice comes out the strongest.

Rewrites on my 4th novel-that is pretty obvious-but as some of you know, I am published under the pen name, Micheline McAllister, and I have a 3rd and 4th novel that aren’t yet signed to any publisher, or agent yet-I am reworking the 4th based on some feedback and time. Time is the best critic for me. I write something fast and then step away and come back. Today I figured out a brilliant way to make my newest book-Slanted Houses-even better. Okay and since it is set in San Francisco-I can write off my trip-double bonus!

Spec TV Shows of existing shows-why? Because you have to, you just have to unless you are lucky enough to know a guy who will see Ryan Murphy in the locker room and pass your script to him. It is part of the rules. What specs? Well I recently switched back to comedy, so I put aside all the brilliant dramas I have written in the past 3 years and have 5 hilarious shows that I am sending out. 1) The New Adventures of Old Christine 2) The Big Bang Theory 3) Two & a half Men  ————and here is where I break the rules and just do shit that I want to because it is so funny in my head. For my 4th and 5th spec show of existing shows I have some out of the box thinking and if you want to know more-get me in the locker room with Ryan Murphy and I’ll send them to you!!

Shorts – because I love writing short stories and I have a few published in graphic novels – shameless self promotion here-THE TROUBLE WITH KATIE ROGERS– and I have sent some to the New Yorker and several chick lit rags.. I just love them.

As well as my blogs, Micheline’s blogs, Letters to agents, statements of interest, emails, messages, Twitter, Facebook-I am writing all the time, every day and someday I will be totally ignored by Hollywood-the music will play before I manage to thank my dog before walking away with my Emmy and groping Leonardo in the hallway.

So that is that. I am writing so many different things at any given time, that it is actually hard to answer, but I am writing. I write because I have to. I don’t write for anyone else. Sure we are told to write specs, but I really enjoy doing it, or I wouldn’t. I write novels as part of my ‘get poor’ fast scheme-because I love them-

Shit I almost forgot about my old spec pilot-The First Year-which I am rewriting as well and my film-The Airport Bar-….and am penning a new comedy that has Jason Segal all over it-anyone know where he showers after a workout?

Keep writing and thanks for asking me, as you can probably tell, unlike most writers-I am anything but shy!!