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Love You Love Your Work Let’s Do Lunch! by Micheline McAllister

love you love your work lets do lunchAshling Donovan decides to move from Des Moines to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a successful teleplay writer. After moving in with her boyfriend, Ashling sets her sights on securing a job. But when said boyfriend unexpectedly breaks up with her for a Myspace girl, Ashling is desperate for a job, a home, and money. When she shows up to interview as a PA, Ashling is seized with an opportunity, a lie, that could change her life. Overnight, Ashling becomes a widely known head writer, creator of a new show, and her own personal assistant, all in one. But will the truth about her double life identity be discovered- and ruin her Hollywood reputation?

Love You, Love Your Work, Let’s Do Lunch! is Micheline McAllister’s second novel, and just as filled with juicy Hollywood secrets as the first. It was comical to read how people in LA will fall all over themselves trying to name drop, and what some people will do to get ahead. I highly enjoyed reading Ashling’s tale from an Iowa nobody to a big name in Hollywood, all because of a well crafted lie. I did think a couple times that there was no possible way someone could make up being a well respected writer, but in the land of celebrities, I guess almost anything is possible. I think chick lit readers will find humor in this novel, appreciate good writing, and be able to escape in the heroine’s double life.

Rating: 4/5