Okay, first off all, it is TALK RADIO, and that sucks. Secondly you have to be on your computer. Aren’t we on enough?

The reason I bring this up is that someone recently said that a writing group was moving into the 21st century when they canceled the group in favor of some radio talk show, and it is sad that they don’t even see the difference between meeting in person in a group with fellow writers and then having to listen to a radio show, which is completely different.

I really love this woman’s energy, but this has really stumped me. It is so cold and so impersonal and makes no sense.

Another thing is that anyone can listen, so it is really not a personal experience.

And what the hell is wrong with personal contact? Why is shutting everyone out of your life better?

I also keep seeing things like ‘power lunch’ meeting and then it is damn blog talk radio. Lunch is lunch and radio is radio.

Look I try to be positive and see the best in things, but this is really hurting networking, which is still VERY important, if not the MOST IMPORTANT thing a writer can do. It is also important in many other careers, so why cut off all contact?

I have many friends that do pod casts, and I think that is okay and even blog talk radio is okay, if someone wants a lecture, but for a group meeting, it isn’t the same thing at all.

What is next? Harvard going to cancel all classes for blog talk radio?

Princeton and Yale going to only have blog talk radio? No more teachers, books, classrooms, personal contact?

Maybe all the countries in the world should have blog talk radio instead of summits. In fact why ever meet anyone ever in person ever again?

UGH.. I am so depressed by this take over and it is mostly because people don’t seem to understand that they are doing a pod cast and or a radio show, not running a group.

Sad sad sad.