OMG!~ Here is a show that is so up my alley, it is parked in my alley, living there, and paying rent. Musical? Comedy? Television? Did the writers do this just for me? You would think, but …

Oddly enough,at first I didn’t love this show and even wondered what the craze was all about, but now I have to say that I love it. I really do, but I wouldn’t say it is as funny as some say and there are parts that people laugh at, that I don’t find funny at all, and usually inspire me to use my fast forward (thank you to the person who invented that gem), button and move to the next scene.

Over all I do think it is quite well done and funny.

NOT “hahahaha funny”, but ironic funny, or mean funny; ala Election, Rushmore, Royal Tanenbaums, that type of funny. That said, I laughed out loud a few times at Sue, who is  played beyond brilliantly by Jane Lynch.

Now ….she is funny. I love her, I love her sense of comedic timing and she always makes me laugh.
I also don’t think she is pure evil and I think they have clearly showed a clear reason for why she is the way she is. In my opinion, she was also definitely an “outsider” in high school, and her insecurities from that time make her so mean. They showed she had a softer side when she thought she was in love with the guy from the station, and  again with her sister.

The way she acted when the guy dumped her was more than hilarious, wrong, mean, and definitely worth the whole universe Gleeking out. She is the one who makes me laugh. The others pull at my heart, or move me to tears, but Sue-Jane makes me laugh.

The cast of kids are great. My favs being Kurt-I love him so much! and Rachel of course. They are all talented, but those two stand out the most to me. I also kinda like dorky Finn, but all of them touch me in some way.

A lot of people gave me a hard time when I didn’t love it immediately, but I think part of that is being busy and not having time to watch it thoroughly, and pay attention. This is the type of show you have to actually watch when it’s on, not just listen to while working.

When I was in high school, being popular was everything to me, and it was important beyond anything else and the things I did to achieve that aren’t always things I am proud of, but they are what they are. At the end of the day, I was still the geeky “artsy-acting” girl that wasn’t the most popular even though she was a cheerleader, and I was still on the outside. I never fit in completely, so I totally understand these kids. As well, I myself, dropped out of band, theater and didn’t even try for Glee-funny because my whole life was about acting, music, musicals, singing and theater-but I gave it up to be popular. Let’s face it, I also became a bitch. I never threw a “Slushee” at anyone, but there were definitely people I didn’t talk to, but really liked. It was all so stupid, but then again, so it high school.

In any case, I wasn’t sure about this show, but after seeing Brad Falchuk, one of the creators, a few times talk about the show, and then seeing him with Ian Brennan, and Ryan Murphy last week, something about their chemistry made me want to give the show another chance, so I dove it this week, and I have officially switched to the other side.

Hey if this girl can go from a Republican to a Democrat, a Yankee fan to a Red Sox fan, I can go from not being a GLEEk to being a GLEEk!

It’s on!

Created by: Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy

Dianna Agron … Quinn Fabray

Chris Colfer … Kurt Hummel

Jessalyn Gilsig … Terri Schuester

Jane Lynch … Sue Sylvester

Jayma Mays … Emma Pillsbury

Kevin McHale … Artie Abrams

Lea Michele … Rachel Berry

Cory Monteith … Finn Hudson

Matthew Morrison … Will Schuester

Amber Riley … Mercedes Jones

Mark Salling … Noah ‘Puck’ Puckerman

Jenna Ushkowitz … Tina Cohen-Chang

Naya Rivera … Santana Lopez

Heather Morris … Brittany