Some good news from last week, and I am just now posting because I wasn’t sure I was able to.

I placed in the top FIVE, in Jessica
Bendinger’s, SEVEN RAY’S, Adapt-a-Scene Competition!

I found out late Monday night that I placed and there was going to be a last minute pitch meeting set up for Thursday. I got the final details Thursday morning and due to my crazy work schedule there was no way I could be ready in time. Sure I could have bullshitted my way through anything, but was working all day. It was just one of those things. Maybe that is a downside to working in the industry while out there trying to make a name for myself. Hrm? Nah, everything happens for a reason.

That said, I was so excited when I first heard about the contest and it was really fun and hard. I think all writers should do this because it is a great exercise. I basically took a couple scenes from the book that were all in the main character’s head and made them visual, because film is visual. That is the challenge. Showing how someone feels instead of explaining it.

I am so honored that Jessica liked my work and placed me in the top five because I was nervous sending it out.

In any case. I am so happy!!

*list of winners coming soon*