UGH I can’t believe they canceled FlashForward! I know I am a little behind complaining about this, but I LOVED that show and the season finale proved it even more. Because I do a lot of work, which is drawing, while I watch TV, this is one of the shows that I had to watch when not working. Tonight I finally took a break to sit down and watch the finale.

I am even more upset than I was in March, or whenever I heard the news.

There is so much crap on right now, but this got canceled? I am so sad! I mean really, have you seen some of the new shows? I can’t even watch a couple of the newest ones that don’t stand a chance, but this; smart, action packed, character driven, thriller, event drama get’s the ax :0(- So bummed.

Thank God I switched to comedy! Just sayin’~and I read the book as well-this show was so awesome. But I guess it didn’t have enough sex, bad dialogue, bad acting, and bad storylines to stay on.