I placed very high and won a pitch meeting from a scene adaptation contest! I got the email last night and was so excited!!! I don’t think the winners have officially been announced so I am not sure how much I can say, so just hang with YAY! for now.

I had never adapted anything and it was a challenge because once I chose which scene(s), I actually merged a couple into one, I wanted to adapt, I had to start thinking visually instead of literally. The scenes I chose were all in her head, so I had to translate what she was feeling to her actions. I was proud of what I wrote, and of course sent it off, un-vetted, worried that they would discover I am a fraud and have no idea how to write! My usual mantra when I send things off-you know that second of “OMG, what if I actually can’t write?” which you know isn’t really true but wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel it? That is what I mean.

As well, since I am always spinning in 900 different directions, I sometimes worry that I am not giving my full attention to something. I am soooooooo EXCITED! I get a pitch meeting this Thursday! Wish me luck!

On another note, I had sent my original spec pilot drama, The First Year, out last year, and got some great feedback from some folks, passed on by some and almost had a deal with a studio-but ultimately didn’t-you know my having no track record, it was always a long shot. Yesterday I got an email from an exec telling me that while they loved my idea and pitch, the actual pilot was kinda slow and did I have a newer version. After thanking her for the great feedback-that never happens, so when it does, always thank them-I explained that I felt that way too and since I had received similar comments on other “dramas” I had sent out, I switched back to comedy and no I didn’t have a newer version, but would be interested in selling the rights and or working on it with someone because I still love the idea, just not sure I am ready for something this serious. Well to my surprise she loved that idea AND I got the highest compliment ever-besides a deal and a check- I got the oh so coveted “What else you got?” I told her about my novels and that I am working on a new comedy pilot-well, they want my first novel because they are interested in turning it into a series! Meetings in a couple weeks about my pilot, and I am sending the novel today.

This weekend I went to a seminar given my Michael Lent of Breakfast With Sharks, and he was talking about how you just never know what is going to hit when and how sometimes your failures turn into successes in a different way. I feel like I am finally starting to see this kind of thing. I have so many things “in the works” that when Hollywood realizes and I become an “over night” success, it will really have been years in the making.

To end this ramble, I am so excited about all that happened yesterday, and even a Monday! Thanks for all the support!!