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My “Christine” is done and going out! I sent it to about 5 of my writer friends-SIDE NOTE- You have to send your script to people you know, if you can’t find anyone, join a writers group, if you can’t do that, sit around with your real friends-real, not writers, and read it out loud. Best if you have someone else read it as well-especially if it is comedy. Because you will add inflections to make your point that may not be clear in the writing-So I sent mine out to 5 people after the first draft. I got notes, I made changes. I went to a comedy workshop *see earlier post* I made more changes, and sent it out again, now I am done, the script is sent out and I am on to my next show!

TWO and a half MEN

I know everyone and their dog is writing Modern Family, Community and or Parks & Rec, but I love TAHM, Chuck Lorre and so this is what I am doing. The show is on all the time, and with DVD rentals I feel like I have been living with Charlie Harper for the past two weeks-except of course without the great sex-or STD that would be sure to follow the aforementioned.

I am so excited to be working in comedy again, I can’t tell you, and honestly, I am a much happier person.

So here I go!! Men men men men, manly men men men!!!!