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When I first saw the pilot episode of Modern Family, created by Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, last summer at ABC’s event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. I laughed out loud. That doesn’t happen to me that often.

I am jaded. I have worked in the industry since I was small in one way or another. I studied acting for a million + years and so I always come from the angle of “character”. Even in animation and storyboards. I always think about the characters “intentions” (Intention is a huge word in the acting world-it means their why, their needs, their want).

It takes a lot to make me laugh, because I always see “it coming” and so I tend to watch from a different point of view than a lot of folks.

That said:

Modern Family relies on some very old, but true stereotypes and yet it is HILARIOUS!

From Jay the oldest and yet not so wise father of the group to his Gloria-the hot sexy younger woman, to the gay couple and the dorky husband and son in law. The show works.

If you live in Los Angels, you know all these people in real life. I was at a panel with Steve Levitan, creator, where he talked about Manny-the step son to Jay, son of Gloria and he made a comment about how Manny was so original, well I guess he hasn’t been to the valley much, because I am telling you, I know this kid-he is every where. That’s why it is funny.

Claire and Phil are so amazing. You know they love each other, but they are a real married couple. They don’t rely on joke joke joke to get laughs, they are just being true to themselves and it works. The situations they are in are hysterical.

For example: Did you see the Valentine’s Day episode? Phil and Claire did some role playing and she got her coat stuck in the escalator, and of course she was naked under that, and of course they ran into every person that they wouldn’t want to see, especially her father! It was predictable, and yet they crafted it so well that I was rolling on the floor with laughter!

Did you see the episode where Claire wanted the family pictures taken? The whole episode was laugh after laugh and no one was trying to be funny-it just was funny.

I miss real old school situation comedies. Yes they are all called “sitcoms” but I think people these days don’t know what that word means.

Modern Family has the perfect formula and the perfect cast. The writing is brilliant and I will tell you this, Steve Levitan has openly talked about how every character in that show is based on someone he knows and even some of the teenager’s behavior is his own kids. It isn’t trying to be funny, it is real so it is funny!

I would give my left nut-er well, I don’t have a nut to give-but you know the expression-to write on this show!

Watch it, you’ll love it!
(if you don’t, something is seriously wrong with you and I am not sure we can talk anymore-I am worried about you, seriously)

Modern Family ABC Television Wed night!

Ed O’Neill … Jay Pritchett

Sofía Vergara … Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

Julie Bowen … Claire Dunphy

Ty Burrell … Phil Dunphy

Jesse Tyler Ferguson … Mitchell Pritchett

Eric Stonestreet … Cameron Tucker

Rico Rodriguez … Manny Delgado

Nolan Gould … Luke Dunphy

Sarah Hyland … Haley Dunphy

Ariel Winter … Alex Dunphy