Okay, so when I first heard Kevin Biegel talk about his, and Bill Lawrence’s, new show Cougar Town, I was less than enthused. I think it was more the way Kevin was talking about the way he came up with it and how he felt towards “old women” as he put it, and followed by, “you know women over 35 are desperate”. Which lead me to believe the show would be filled with stereotypes and no comedy. Turns out I was wrong about that.

They have a decent little show here and it has developed, and so has Kevin-saw him again recently talking about the show in a whole different way-nice that you grew up Kevin!

Anyhow, so the show is actually pretty good. As a woman past her twenties, I still feel like it relies a little bit on stereotypes and not enough REAL. *hint guys, you need more women writers on the show* LOL…really, sometimes the way things happen to the two “older” women, Courtney Cox (46) and Christa Miller (46)-both playing around 40, are actually things that don’t really happen in real life until into and past the 50s. I know they are trying to make “comedy” but maybe a little more reality would help.

That said, the show is good, fun, and I love the relationship these two girls have. The friendship is real. I also like the relationship Courtney has with her son, Travis played by Dan Byrd (25). I am not a huge fan of the Busy Phillips (30) character, because they haven’t committed to her character. It is like she isn’t true to herself.

But I digress-I like the show, it has potential to be a great relationship comedy.

Now, you are wondering, why is it hard to watch?

I will tell you why.

What has Courtney done to her face? Her lips are too big now and spread to wide. As well, my face wasn’t that tight when I was twenty! Why? Why? Why? She is, or was, one of the prettiest women in Hollywood, so why get work done? Really?

As well, she is too damn skinny! Skinny ages women and fast! ~ Yes so does FAT, but we aren’t talking about Courtney being fat. She is thinner than she was on Friends and she was too thin then.

Now adding whatever she has done to tighten her face and it is distracting to watch and uncomfortable. I don’t get it.

Why on earth would she do that? Why do women do this? I don’t get it.

Look at Christa on the show-no work, still gorgeous!!!

I hope Courtney watches some episodes this summer and realizes how bad she looks, goes out has a burger-has many burgers-some cheesecake, and anything else that will add 20 lbs to her emaciated frame, and then NEVER do any type of lift, tuck, pull, or tightening.
This is Courtney in the mid 90s! Cute, not too thin.
Courtney about 5 years ago-in her 40s, still GORGEOUS!!! Look at her! WOW
Now when you look at these newer photos, what do you see? Could her face “be” any tighter? And the frog smile begins.

I couldn’t find a shot from the show that highlights exactly what I am talking about, but if you watch it you’ll see it immediately.

I watch an obscene amount of Friends, so I know what she looks like. I saw her go from 20s, to 30s to 40s and this year I was shocked and saddened.

The show is funny, well written, but it’s lead is morphing into a character from Nip Tuck-