Too friggen’ tired to be brilliant, witty, funny or even entertaining right now, but always want to make a mark on the day, so here I am!

My roommate and close friends seem to be enjoying the fact that I am now writing comedies full stop instead of trying to balance between comedy and drama-dramedy? To quote Monica-


Seriously though, I am also feeling better and am happier.

“I just don’t want to be around when the jokes stop.”
(Yes another Friends reference-Everything that happens in my life can be traced back to some quote from Friends*that should have been the first clue to stay with comedies-but hey, I’m human okay* and I will write a brilliant blog explaining this, but right now, can hardly keep thoughts coherent in my own mind, much less type them in a way to make you understand)

But I digress-how weird for me-sarcasm noted.

All I am saying is this, now people around me can feed off my happy/comedy energy and I’m not even charging them-not yet.

Why cry when you can laugh?