I love Sex & The City the TV show. I own every season, I watch it in re runs, I love it. The things I always loved about it was all the characters and their real life and yet comical situations. The flow and pacing of the show worked great. Carrie’s use of puns and plays on words was quite witty and usually charming. Her and Big-John Preston-the love affair got all of the world’s attention. When she broke Adian’s heart, we felt sad too. The show worked.

The films? No so much.

The first one, was slow and very serious, as well Carrie completely overreacted to Big-who was there and did want to get married-basically self created drama that felt like it was there just because there wasn’t any other story there. UGH, there are so many stories, that was not needed, but it worked well enough, and we all went a long for the ride. I also wanted to smack Miranda the whole film. Here is dorky Steve admitting and she can’t even try? Especially after the way she treated him? Again, I say UGH.

Now, part two.

Why oh why did they go to the middle east? Really? This isn’t a Very Brady Vacation and so much of what we love from Sex & the City is New York City!
Last film they went to Mexico, every cliche and even Charlotte’s pooping her pants was expected and while I chuckled a little, I found it a weak attempt at some humor.

This film was very funny, both in New York and in Abu Dhabi, but I don’t think any of these sexually outward women would want to go there and if they did, I think they would have more respect for the culture. I just don’t understand it: why was this necessary?

If the film took place in New York, Samantha could still be herself and dealing with “the change”, it would have been a funny situation that wouldn’t be pushed on us like all her pills being taken and thus the predictable set up for “hot flashes”.

Carrie and Big could have still had their problems of him staying in and being too boring. Miranda could have quit her job and Charlotte could have still been exhausted by the kids-which was a very strong storyline.

There was absolutely no reason to put them in Abu Dhabi. I thought it was offensive to the United Arab Emirates and felt like another vehicle to see them wearing different, expensive, outfits every single day. So not real. Have you ever been on a plane for 14 hours? Well I have and let me tell you, heels of any kind are not what you want on your feet.

I have to say that I am disappointed in the whole franchise. I expected more.

That said, I did laugh a few times, but I think it was only because I was in the mood to, and my expectations were so low.

Over all as film-it was not good. The story was more than weak and the jokes were obvious, and it was about an hour too long.

I will stick to my DVDs where Sex & The City, takes place in the city!