LOST! My Thoughts On The Finale!

Wow! Everyone and their dog are talking about LOST today. People are even arguing the ending-just like Lord of The Rings and or Harry Potter. At the end of the day does it really matter if they were in a sideways world or purgatory? The point was that they couldn’t move on until they worked through their own bullshit, some took longer than others.

If you go back to season one when Damon, er I mean Boon gets killed, it makes sense because he was the most mentally adjusted character thus far. Locke needed to walk, he needed to go on that walk-about, so his after life, sideways life, or purgatory would definitely be being the strongest person on the island. He needed that to move on.

Now Jack-got an issue? Here’s a tissue! Jack had more issues than most shrinks see in their lifetime, but the biggest issue he had was his relationship with his father. He had to work on that in order to move on. If you look at the relationship he had with his father and you look at the relationship he had with Lock, there it is, perfectly mirrored. Locke never approved of what Jack was doing and it made Jack feel helpless and not in control, even though he knew he could have been. Locke caused a riff between Jack and the other passengers. His relationship with Kate was his working through his wife and her death. He couldn’t connect completely with anyone. He was his own worst enemy when it came to having intimacy.

That is just how I see it, you may see it differently and that is fine! We all went on the same ride and have different experiences depending on our own lives!

I have read this and that about the finale, the episodes leading up to it, and what the writers intended, but to me they were stuck sort of in the middle and what happened on the island did happen to them, but they all had different experiences. I just want to know what Richard did that got him stuck for so long!

It is a bit like Alice In Wonderland-it didn’t happen, but it did, so we believe it and got sucked in. The Wizard of Oz was Dorothy working through her childish issues of wanting to run away, but when that ended, the world wasn’t complaining. We still watch that film over and over, even though we know it wasn’t real.

Now when I die if I end up in purgatory I will happily work though my issues with both Jack and Sawyer in love with me! Not sure why Kate got so lucky, she seemed like someone with a lot of problems, but hey that was her afterlife, inner life, sideways, purgatory or whatever and I believe she chose Jack at the end, yay!

I thought it was a little bit of a let down, but I still enjoyed the ride for the last 6 years, why not? Everyone wonders what happens when you die, this is as good of a solution as any, especially a violent death like your plane ripping in half over the pacific ocean.

So I guess whatever you think happened: they all died in the crash, they were in purgatory, they were in a sideways world, etc. The question is: did you enjoy the ride?

I did!