OMG! So I have been working on my spec of The Big Bang Theory and I love it, I think it is really funny-yes I will share with more of you soon-thanks for help and advice, and I am almost done with it, meaning, it is almost ready and then last week I had this brilliant idea for a New Adventures of Old Christine and to be honest, I think it may even be funnier than my BBT.


It is funny and it cracks me up just thinking about it. I really think it will do well…

Not sure which one to send around this year! I may be calling on some friends to help me decide.

I am so happy writing comedies-I love dramas, but it is better to laugh at the end of the day, then cry!

And yes, I still love my soaps and would do ANYTHING to work on General Hospital (first choice, or OLTL, or any of them really) but I have to try everything and mostly I JUST LOVE TO WRITE!!