OMG! Silly girl that I am, I thought I could manage having a novel writing career-Micheline McAllister is my nom de plume-check her out on Amazon, she has two novels out-and a TV writing career-which I love, but wow, it takes a lot of time-and no one is getting any younger, AND a screenwriting career. Well to be fair. I wrote a treatment for my first screenplay in 1996 so I could pitch at Disney. They had a “gong show” for artists to pitch film ideas, and I worked for a year on an animated feature, but since then didn’t really think about screenwriting so much.

Then one day last year, I met Blake Snyder-and to be fair, I had already taken a Syd Field workshop, so it wasn’t like I didn’t want to write films, but I was focused on TV. Blake said to me, “why aren’t you writing a screenplay? You need one, write one” so I did. Oddly enough, the screenplay is getting great response and is in a deal right now, and yes I have been asked over and over, what else do you have?

Well I have a gazillion tv spec scripts, three new pilots, an original daytime drama, two published novels, a hand full of short stories (both published and not) and am working on dat dat dat….

Oh. My. God.. I have no time!

Seriously, how does one work on two full time projects-you know for that pesky thing called money that we all need to keep a roof over head-so I can write the next Oscar winning screenplay, Emmy winning TV show, Best selling novel, and or just get full time work as a writer?

I am currently working on a commercial in animation, drawing all day every day and am on a feature film-also in animation and between the two, I hardly have time to think.

That said, I completed a new novel in Nov that people are interested in, yay! I have a couple agents interested and a couple major publishers-so that is awesome, but just like film and TV, I get, “what else do you have?”

I have so much partially done work it is hard to know where to turn! EEK!

So here is the current plan, which could change at any minute.

I am writing my Big Bang-yes moving from drama to comedy-
I am writing my sitcome spec pilot
I am finishing my spec cop pilot
I am finishing my 4th novel
I am writing my RomCom screenplay

I am blogging as much as possible and trying to make sense while doing so-it is hard managing 5 blogs! Yes my alter-Micheline has three of her own-

In any case, I better go do some drawings because, wtf? It is already 11 am and I have done nothing today!