I have decided to spec one of my new fav comedy shows, the Big Bang Theory! After finally admitting, or being made fun of by my friends more like it, that I am sort of a little bit of a comic book and SyFy geek, I realized that this is right up my alley, or well I hope it is.

I was reading a blog about the show a couple weeks ago where this guy was slamming it; saying that Penny would never go out with Leonard and complaining about the stereotyping of the whole show. It is what it is, and what it is, is funny. I always laugh out loud and that is pretty much all I require from a show like this, so I move forward into comedy this summer!

Can’t wait! Have pitched my idea to a few folks and am feeling good, so when I am a famous comedy writer I can say, “I was writing drama after drama and while getting great feedback, I wasn’t getting hired, until one day, I decided I’d rather laugh then cry; and BANG! I decided to try my hand at TBBT.”