I am always trying to see the silver lining, not get down, find a reason to believe it is for the best, but to be honest, rejection really sucks.
I got a rejection letter on Friday about my novel, and today I found out I didn’t make it into the top 25 in a TV writing contest that I really wanted to advance in. I know they liked it because I got a phone call with suggestions of where to submit this show-which never happens, so I know that some of the readers liked it, but it didn’t advance. I am a little bummed.

I am not the type of writer that has a lot of self doubt, but sometimes it is so hard to take. I just want to write and get paid to write and I see so many bad films, and read so many bad novels that I wonder, “shit, they got published/produced – I must really suck” but I know that isn’t true.

It still sucks, and I am feeling a little defeated, that said, moving on!