Okay ladies, what is it with Vampires? I personally love The Vampire Diaries series, and The Vampire Chronicles, but they are novels, stories, fiction, something that isn’t real. Twilight is okay, the first three books were good; the films, meh, but I enjoyed them.

Here is what I really want to know is how is it that these women in these stories think it is okay to date a vampire? Honestly, being a vampire is some scary shit and if they do exist, (who am I to say they don’t?), would ya really want to be involved with one?

Aren’t relationships hard enough without adding that your boyfriend may kill you if his desire is too strong? How stupid are these women?

The amazing thing is that, we all watch these films. We read the books. We tune in every Thursday to watch the Salvatore brothers duke it out, and we fall for the love story.

If he is dead ladies move on.

This all said, I love these stories. I don’t care if they are unbelievable. I love vampire storylines, I even endured it when Port Charles had vampires running around the city. Tortured souls in love with mortals? It’s great.

I hope the CW allows the Vampire Diaries to get as dark as the books and kick Twilight’s ass back to Arizona.

Here are some of our newest fav vamps, and thankfully, they aren’t real.