So I am curious, what sitcom do you love? Can’t live with out?
For me it was and is Friends. I love that show, and can watch all of them over and over. It worked, something about it just worked. It was magical somehow.
Another one that I used to love and still watch is Frasier
. I love the characters, Marty, Niles, Daphne, & Eddie. LOL. The show was pure sitcom, in that, the situations made it funny.
Three’s Company is still one of the best shows written, the Honeymooners of course and The Dick Van Dick Show.
Nowadays there just isn’t that same spark, but Modern Family
is pretty funny. I also love The Big Bang Theory, not only because I work in animation and personally know all these guys-well guys exactly like them, but because it is simple and just makes me laugh. Okay I admit that whenever they get into arguments about something geeky, not only do I know what they are talking about, I have an opinion LOL! How I Met Your Mother holds it’s own and had earned a spot in my DVR cue.
I used to love Mad About You, until they had the baby. Will and Grace is one of my favs and Family Ties was sheer brilliance in it’s day.
So I am wondering which ones you like or love-we can do hate later-but since we are all writers, we don’t want to offend or piss off any of our potential bosses.. LOL.. maybe keep those in our own heads.