OMG! So last summer, this girl who belongs to this “women in the industry” group that I belong to started a writer’s group. I really wanted to join, but she laid down the law saying that we couldn’t even miss one meeting and only people who were really committed to writing could join. Yes that in itself is both obnoxious and offensive, but you know some people only work 9 to 5, or even 9-7, five days a week, so they can plan things for every weekend, so I let it go. I emailed her a couple times because I was really interested and we talked and I decided to not join while I was on a 7 day a week schedule.

Well, today she sent out a new email asking for people to join. I sent her an upbeat and friendly email explaining that I still want to join but since I am on a feature film and working 7 days a week until the end of summer it is impossible to plan anything so I better wait still, but “have fun” at the meeting and please keep me on the list.

I got a reply bitching me out for making excuses and she was saying that I did this all the time. It was very rude and obnoxious!

First of all, I only sent her one email about why I couldn’t make it this weekend. I thought this girl and I had a common goal and just didn’t want her to think I was a flake and this is how I was treated?

I have to say, while I will never slander anyone and will not say her name in a blog or anywhere. She has made a bad move today because I will never forget her name and will never hire her or recommend her because of the way she acted.

Here is the thing folks. This industry is SMALL SMALL SMALL-yes the whole entertainment industry and if you go off on someone for any reason, you should know that isn’t a smart move. This girl insulted me, yelled at me, and when I was trying to be so nice to her and encouraging. It is appalling behavior at best and she should be ashamed of herself.