I am working on a new novel, which I am calling Slanted Houses right now. It is about a girl who goes to San Francisco to jump of the Golden Gate Bridge, but due to her fear of heights she hesitates and then she meets Ben. She doesn’t jump, her life completely changes and then there is a huge twist.
I love the way this storyline is unfolding and I am excited about the fact that I now have two publishers interested. Be ready to see this on the shelves of Barnes & Noble soon!! :0)

I also am developing two television series and have put them on hold, but still am working out the storylines. Namaste is about a hitman, and I have been doing a lot of research w/ mob movies and shows, as well as assassin storylines to get it right. This man does this horrible job for a living, but you have to love him. I have 10 episodes outlined and synopsis for all 20, you know assuming I sell it and it goes 20 episodes, not 9, 12, or 14 like some cable on shows.

My other story, Uli Driscoll is about an undercover agent protecting a girl who has no idea she needs protection. The hero in that story is straight up hero stuff, but I have to give him that something extra, so you will care to tune in every week for at least 5 years. I am working on it.

My romantic comedy, Coffee, Tea or Duty Free? is almost done. This is a film and yes it was a novel that I started years ago. Hollison O’Reilly is a flight attendant who dates, moves in w/. gets engaged and even has a wedding day with 3 different guys. It has been a long process to make her lovable even though she is doing this to 3 people and I didn’t want her to get out of it the easy way.

Stolen Bases is also a novel turned into a screenplay and that is all outlined, but I am still working out the kinks, it may be a better novel than film, I am working.

I am also doing another Katie Roger’s story and writing a couple shorts for magazines.

How are you doing?