Wow! So big news for me yesterday! I am at my temporary freelance job, where I am learning how to draw with basically my left foot which is no where near paper or even the computer screen~talk about a disconnect! (I do love it though!!)

Anyhow, so I’m there drawing (Ha! if you can call it that) jamming away to Britney (yes I still love my girl Brit), away when I hear a BEEP BEEP on my phone, I roll my eyes and pick it up because I know it is just another email that I can’t be arsed to read, and to my surprise it is an email from my old agent (who has been shopping my screenplay-you know he wants to make sure it will sell before he resigns me-bad boyfriend theory in place), so he emails me and the email says. “Hi Steph, consider your screenplay sold. I’ll be in touch. Agent X” YIPPEEEE!!

Well as I am reading the message and I can hardly believe it, and of course I want to jump up and down in the studio, but don’t. I send a text message to three people and while I am doing that, the voice mail BEEP goes off in my bloody ear. It is a message from my agent.

The deal is this. He is working a deal for me, and I guess a couple studios are making offers, I don’t know how it all works yet. I have heard from other screenwriters that this is the way it goes when you are new, but all I can hear is: Consider it sold! I will keep you posted!

My first screenplay, my little baby!