I worked on this series for so long. This is the one that I have actually been successful in pitching to the studios. Which means, I have been able to pitch to studios and they have been biting, it isn’t sold, YET! The only thing that has been concerning me is the way this show works, there is no way to write a pilot episode that doesn’t have some of the premise. It is a big NO NO to write what is called a “premise pilot” and I know this, but the show needs it, this show has to have it start when it starts. This doesn’t mean a huge backstory, but like an “event drama” this show is structured in a certain way. I have been feeling insecure about it lately because of this and so today when I came home and saw this in the mail, I was very excited!

Yay me!!

On another note, my screenplay is doing it’s job and may have found a home, which I really hope!! :0)