I hate when people say, “you only have one chance” with.. “so your script must be perfect!”
This is a crock of shit! Seriously! I have to repeat-Seriously!

Okay, lemme step back, you don’t want to hand in some piece of shit that will get people talking about you in a bad way, but this kind of talk is what scares writers into alcoholism, fear, hibernation and eventually death. If you never show your work because it isn’t “perfect” you will never show anybody anything ever, so you might as well put a gun to your head now.

Yes, do what you can to get better. Show them your best you. The best you can do now, that is all you can do! I know that I am no Woody Allen, and I am sure that Woody Allen still writes scripts that need changes.

What is the perfect script? There is no such thing and I want to say to all these people. Lemme see this perfect script, because as far as I can tell, just like Nessie, Bigfoot and the Man from Mars, it doesn’t exist.

All films and TV shows go through re write after re write after re write and then some more! The best writers have re writes, so just do what you do, do it as well as you possibly can and when you get rejected, because we all do, try to learn from it.

Improving is a huge part of what “they” look for. Can this person take direction and notes well?

Waiting until anything is perfect to do anything in life is such a stupid concept that I may just write a book about it.

I think insecure writers like to scare new writers with…”you only have one chance if you blow it that is it” Shut the fuck up before I smack you with that crap. Seriously.

Chances are if you send someone a script that isn’t perfect they won’t remember you. These people get hundreds of scripts and yours didn’t impress them. You think they have some huge list with all the names of the bad scripts they get on their desk? It isn’t possible.

Do you actually think that you will be out someday at a function and meet someone and they will say..”oh you are so in so.. your script sucked!” Probably not. They most likely will not remember they knew your name.

When I was acting, I was offered a job at Disney, I arrogantly turned it down, then two years later was sick of acting~okay was sick of not working enough~and I called up Disney to get my chance back. They allowed me to apply. I am telling you I handed in the worst drawings in the history of the world. All my artist friends months later were still saying, “you aren’t ready!” Well look what happened.
I wasn’t ready, and my portfolio was horrible, but they told me what I needed to do to improve and I did. I took classes and every single chance I got to submit to them or anyone I submitted. I finally got in. Point is, if I had waited until my drawings were perfect, I would still be waiting.

We as creative beings are always improving our craft, that is the nature of the game. I look at some of my past writing and am like, “OMG what was I thinking?” but it is in the past and I am moving and still trying.

I do believe that having anyone and everyone read your script is important. Get people to give you honest feedback. It does help. Take classes, do whatever you can to get read. Make sure your script is the best that you can do. Trying to be perfect will paralyze you will fear so don’t do it.

Just write write write!!