OMFG! I was rolling, literally laughing my ass off tonight at the notes on craft seminar at the WGA.

4 comedy writers including the guys that wrote this summer’s break away hit, THE HANGOVER were there and 2 action writers. It was great, as all of these seminars are, to hear their stories about concept.

They talked a lot about how there are big concepts (you know like every Michael Bay film and Blair Witch), but at the end of the day, it is the characters.

I left the room for a minute, as the coffee was making it’s way through my system, and when I came back all I heard was, “Who has read that cat book?” referring the Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat series, which I love. They were talking about Robert McKee and all the things that every single screenwriting book, lecture, class, and magazine tell you to do and how for them, that is intimidating. I bring this up because it is the same thing with art, when creative people get hung up on the process the creativity gets lost. I loved that they brought this up and said the books and everything you are taught can be good, but isn’t set in stone.

It is nice to know my feelings on the subject were felt by others.

I personally, just don’t believe that there is one way to do something, or this is the set way to do it period. I have always just written and worried about the rest afterwards. I don’t always go, okay, on page 32 (like they brought up) this has to happen, but because I know my story structure from watching 9 gazillion films and reading even more books and don’t even get my started on how much television I watch, throw in some Comic books for good message and I have had story structure in my face since I came out; usually by page 32, such and such is happening, or around there.

Loved it tonight, loved hearing them talk about the process.

Some guy in the back who had to hear himself speak on tape, asked about genre, even though this was a lecture on “concept” they were nice enough to throw in their opinions.

The best remark of the night and I may have to do a sketch of what popped into my head was on the of Hangover writers said, “The biggest mistake new writers make is having a little of everything, like a guy with an open trench coat~’I got your horror film, romantic comedy, indie, drama and a porpoise film” that made me laugh out loud because the image of Woody Allen holding open a trench coat lined with scripts popped into my head and the producer in this scenario was Carl Reiner for some reason and it was funny!

I may have to do a porpoise film just because it is so funny! There is a concept! Or a film about a screenwriter pitching a porpoise film…hrmmm? LOL..