My new series is coming along well, in fact, I am getting a little bummed that this is only to show the studios that I can create a series, because I love the show and want to see it on the air.

It used to be that everyone wanted to see spec scripts of shows on the air already, as long as the show wasn’t canceled or about to be you were fine. I have written so many specs and love doing it, but also created my own series that took me two years to develop and outline for 24 episodes. I got close to selling it a couple of times, and many re writes later it is still in my computer and not on the air.

The new trend is to have original work and you can never have enough. If you are lucky enough to hear, “what else you got?” You better have at least one if not two shows ready to go!

This summer I decided to develop two new pilots. I am finishing the pilot to one of them today and tomorrow.

Then it is onto finish my Psych episode, re format my House episode, create an event drama~which is not for sale but rather to show the networks that I can write one~would love to work on Flash Forward~and write my new novel! :0)

Writer’s block? Never happens. I have so much going on in my head I just need to figure out how to get it all out!

I wonder how I ever had time for a job?

P.S. The screenplay is making the rounds, I haven’t checked on him in a week or so, but I have received decent feedback and am working on a new one that I am adapting from one of my previously finished novels! :0)