What a load of B.S. I applied for a writing job over the weekend and then this morning got an email and was all excited about it, then it took me to a site that I had to pay! WTF?

Then there was another site looking for extras, same thing, you pay $40 bucks up front. I hate that. I hate it so much that it makes me want to scream! The guy was like, what’s 40 bucks when you’ll make 300 per day? I said, well then take it out of my first 300? He hung up, no surprise there.

Taking advance of writers on hiatus it sucks.

Meanwhile, it is always nice to know your friends are in the same boot. Only person I know made it to the interview stage of the WB writing program. Two of us made it to the interviews for NBC, and most of us didn’t get into either. Holding out for ABC!!

The great news is that I feel like I am moving in the right direction and my writing is getting stronger. I am on the “write” path so to speak.

While I look for any job to keep me a float, I am also working on my new pilot, and an episode of Psych! Writing is the only thing that keeps me sane during this dog days of unemployment…er, I mean, “hiatus”.