Hollywood is a funny place. It is a place where yes means no way, and no means no, and maybe usually means no, but can sometimes mean yes. You have to live here and work in the industry for a long time before you realize what the hell people are talking about.

In writing, you will submit your work and wait to hear back anxiously in your tiny apartment, while thinking of your next great story~well you better be writing your next great story.

If you hear, “we loved it.” that means PASS. If you hear, “what else you got?” That mean, “We loved it, and want to read more of you!” Just like acting auditions this is usually said with a straight face or mono-tone on the phone, and you as the artist behind your story are like “but what about this one? It’s great. . .right?” Of course in your head and yes it is good that is why they want to see more!

(So you better have more!!)

Let’s do lunch in all other parts of the world means just that, “I would love to have lunch with you and catch up, talk, etc.” in Hollywood, everyone knows that “let’s do lunch” is a kiss off, but not entirely, if you become someone of interest then they will call you for that lunch, but for the most part when someone says, “let’s do lunch” it is another way of saying, “I really don’t care if I ever see you again.”

I have to say that I enjoy, and I shouldn’t but I do, I enjoy watching newbies straight off the turnip truck from the middle of nowhere trying to figure out what means what. :0)

It is all part of the game out here and I love it, really I do.. Love it, love it’s script and definitely want to do lunch with it!