So as you may or may not know, being a new writer in Hollywood today means writing a ton of ‘spec’ scripts, or in the words of a true artist~NO PAY. Which is okay because like an artist who carries around a sketchbook all the time doodling, painting and drawing everything and everyone, the writer must be writing all the time.

Some of the spec scripts I have written:
Grey’s Anatomy
Dirty Sexy Money
Army Wives
Eli Stone
Saving Grace

I have also written an episode of General Hospital which lead them asking me to write my own soap, two hours worth~like that is no problem at all.. just whip it out.. LOL..I did it, it is called ASPEN and features an array of backstabbing, lying, cheating, two-timing, bastard-children, evil step parent, mobsters, misunderstood characters ever to hit the page. . .:0)

I have my own series that I created, pitched, changed, pitched again, changed some more… and am putting aside for the moment. While developing two more that I am extremely psyched about!

Saving Grace is the most current spec show I have worked on and while I love the episode I wrote, the show has moved on and so must I.

I am now embarking on two very different shows:
HOUSE, M.D. & Psych!

I laid them both out in what “we” (the writers, the industry, the important ones that dictate what you normal people will watch) call the beat sheet ~ yes just like cuba libre is fancy for a rum, coke with a lime, the beat sheet is a Hollywood term for outline.
I am thrilled to know that HOUSE is going in the direction I thought~phew!!
Psych is just about the most fun I have ever had writing a show. I love it!
So why pick two completely different shows? How will I express my true voice? Well to be honest I feel they both will do so in that I am all about characters. That is my strength and I believe that no matter what the show, the characters are the center. They are the core, so whether they be a goofy guy and his preppy-Carlton-esque side-kick, or a untrusting, addicted Dr. in need of a serious attitude adjustment, who just happens to be brilliant, it boils down to character.

So there is my journey for today…finalizing the beat sheets for my specs….:0)

Tomorrow~how will I fix the part in act 3 of my screenplay that I just think is feeling a bit forced and can I be my own script doctor? (No of course I can’t…just kidding, but I am reworking it)