What would you want to see if you had a glimpse of the future 6 months from now?

I would want to see myself working at a major network, ABC television on this show, Flash Forward! Coffee in hand, tired, but in that room, the writer’s room that is!

“If you can conceive it, you can achieve it!”

Or~some alternatives: I wouldn’t mind seeing myself  hanging out with the cast of my film at the wrap party, working full time on the Simpsons as a board artist, while writing on the side. Hanging out with Leonardo on Sunset at some trendy sidewalk cafe (okay~you got me, if Leo is in my vision, it wouldn’t be so PG rated, but I just said I wanted to work for ABC didn’t I? Keep it clean…LOL), sitting outside in Dublin sipping an Irish coffee with my best friend, working full time in the ABC Fellowship, writing on Grey’s Anatomy, writing on any show, signing the deal with HBO or Showtime for my original series, doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble for my new novel. . .all my dreams coming true! :0)